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Rasmussen Services

Rasmussen Services

As our customer base continues to grow and technologies within the industry continue to develop, Rasmussen Mechanical Services will strive to be responsive to our customers, and rally to meet their ever-changing needs with relationship-driven solutions. Working together to do whatever it takes. View our wide range of services here.

Industrial Air Services

Industrial Air Services

Rasmussen Mechanical Services now offers Gardner Denver high performance, reliable and efficient Industrial Air Services to your business. For more than 150 years, Gardner Denver has been a leading global provider of compressors, blowers and vacuum pumps. That's why our customers rely on us to make their businesses more reliable.

With global teamwork, strong customer focus and vast application knowledge, our brands provide reliable, energy-efficient products to keep your business moving.

The movement of compressed air is critical to many industries. In fact, generation of compressed air can account for up to forty percent of some plants’ total electrical bill.

The experts at RMS can perform a comprehensive survey of your industrial air systems and recommend Gardner Denver products, systems and services that increase productivity and efficiency. With over ten full-time dedicated to meet your needs, RMS Industrial Air Services is committed to strengthen our customer relationships through unparalleled design, service and customer-focused solutions.


  • AIRInsite

Reciprocating Compressors

  • A Series
  • Air-On-Demand
  • Belliss & Morcom
  • Climate Control
  • Commandair
  • Engine Driven
  • J Series
  • L Series - Reciprocating
  • Lifesaver
  • Paradigm
  • Pure Air
  • R&PL Series
  • Reavell
  • Reward Series
  • RV Series
  • Value Plus
  • W Series - Industrial
  • W Series - Locomotive

Air Treatment & Downstream Equipment

  • Air Filters
  • Controllers
  • Desiccant Dryers
  • Drains
  • DRI Products
  • Flow Controllers/Demand Expanders
  • Heatless Air Dryers
  • Lubricants
  • Membrane Dryers
  • Mist Eliminators
  • Oil-Water Separators
  • Parts
  • Platinum Warranty
  • Quick-Lock Tubing
  • Refrigerated Dryers
  • Regenerative Dryers
  • Tubing

Rotary Compressors

  • Apex Series
  • Apex VS Series
  • Electra Saver II G2 Series
  • Electra Saver II Series
  • Electra Saver Series
  • Electra Screw Series
  • EnviroAire ES Series
  • EnviroAire S Series
  • EnviroAire T Series
  • EnviroAire TVS Series
  • EnviroAire VS Series
  • HR Series 5-10hp
  • HRRS Series 10hp
  • HV Series 5-60hp
  • HVRS Series 10-60hp
  • Integra Series
  • L-RS Series
  • L-Series
  • Quantima
  • V Series 2-5hp
  • VR Series 7.5-10hp
  • VS Series
  • VST Series


  • Remanufactured Products

Remote Monitoring

  • ESP 20/20

System Controllers

  • Connect 12
  • Connect 4
  • Series 1000
  • Series 400
  • Series 7800
  • Series 7800PET

Industry leading Gardner Denver products - combined with Rasmussen Mechanical Services’ unsurpassed skill in evaluating, designing, installing, fine tuning, maintaining and repairing air systems and components - will have an immediate, positive impact on your bottom line.

Gardner Denver has an industry leading 10-year warranty that requires an authorized Gardner Denver Distributor to administer.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to ensure your investments are protected for years to come. 

Contact RMS for more information on Gardner Denver products and to schedule an evaluation of your industrial air systems today.

Ph: 1-800-237-3141

Industrial Air Services

Boiler Repair

Boiler Repair

Rasmussen Mechanical Services' Code Services Division focuses on delivering swift, quality services and repairs for our customers. Since 1986 we have held R, S, H, U, and PP stamps and our extensively trained crew of Certified Welders is equipped to perform a full array of ASME Code Services and NBIC repairs.

  • Boiler Tube Replacement or Repair
  • Partial or Complete Waterleg and Staybolt Replacement
  • Tubesheet/Furnace Repair or Replacement
  • Shell, Drum, and Header Repair
  • Installation/Replacement of Vessel Nozzles and Openings
  • Fabrication of ASME Pressure Vessels and Power Piping
  • Refractory Repair or Replacement
  • Non-Destructive Examination and Integrity Analysis
  • Repair/Replacement of Heat Exchangers, Economizers, Chillers, and Non-fired Vessels
  • Annual Inspection Assistance

RMS knows that Boiler/Pressure Vessel maintenance is important in reducing energy waste and operating costs. Through our services, customers have received:

  • Supplemental Boiler Operator Training
  • Reduced Unscheduled Operating Downtime
  • Increased Steam System Efficiency
  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Full Code Compliance
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Boiler Repair

Industrial Burner Services

Industrial Burner Services

Rasmussen Mechanical Services' Industrial Burner Services Division employs factory trained and authorized service technicians whose knowledge and experience will provide quality and reliable service to facilitate all of your boiler start-up, commissioning, and combustion service needs.

For decades, RMS has been providing burner services for many variations of heating and process equipment within the industrial, institutional, and commercial markets.

  • Burner System and/or Burner Controls Retrofits, Conversions, Upgrades, or New Installations
  • Process Burner Services
  • Combustion Analysis & Adjustment to Air-to-Fuel Ratios
  • Flame Safeguard Services
  • Parallel Positioning and Linkageless Controls
  • O2 Trim
  • Fully Metered, Cross-Limited Combustion Controls
  • Fuel Conversions (Natural Gas, Oil, Propane, Methane, Tallow)
  • Emissions Monitoring
  • Extensive Parts Inventory

Scheduled preventative maintenance services provided by RMS will minimize unexpected equipment failure which often leads to unplanned facility or process downtime. In addition, RMS can assist in capturing several of the following desired savings advantages:

  • Increased Production
  • Reduced Fuel and/or Electricity Costs
  • Reduced Emissions
  • Improved Boiler and Boiler Room Safety
  • Increased Life of Equipment
  • Code Compliance
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Boiler Repair

Mechanical Construction

Mechanical Construction

Rasmussen Mechanical Services' Mechanical Construction Division has fully trained and experienced crews that are equipped with the latest in technological advances as well as a mastery of proven techniques to be able to complete your next mechanical construction project.

For decades, RMS has been providing the highest quality mechanical construction services to a variety of venues in the industrial, institutional, and commercial marketplaces.

  • Ground Up Mechanical Engineering Design
  • Mechanical Room Redesigns
  • Turnkey Design Build/Construct Boiler and Chiller Plants
  • Process Piping
  • New & Used Equipment Sales/Installation
  • Orbital Welding
  • Sheet Metal Work
  • Economizers and De-aerator Installation
  • Pump Application, Design, and Installation
  • 3D Imaging
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Mechanical Construction Services provided by RMS helps eliminate the stresses of important mechanical projects and gets your facility back to optimal operating status swiftly. When you partner with RMS for your next project you will experience:

  • Reduced Facility Downtime
  • Code and Job Safety Compliance
  • One Year Parts and Labor Guarantee
  • Customer Centric Planning and Execution
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Boiler Repair

Portable Boilers & Chillers

Portable Boilers & Chillers

Rasmussen Mechanical Services' maintains a large rental fleet of industrial mechanical equipment. Whether you have a scheduled maintenance or are unexpectedly shut down, Rasmussen can assist your plant with boilers, chillers, deaerators, tanks, pumps, and softeners.

We offer enclosed boiler rooms as well as trailer and skid mounted solutions. If you have an unexpected emergency, we are here with 24-hour emergency service to trouble shoot and get you back on line.

  • Steam or Hot Water
  • High or Low Pressure
  • 20 HP - 1500 HP Firetube Boilers On Site
  • 30,000 - 120,000 PPH Watertube Boilers
  • Watertube, Firetube, Vertical Tubeless, and Hot Water Applications Available
  • Factory Trained Technicians
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
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Boiler Repair

HVAC Services

HVAC Services

Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning

Comfort, cost control, and reliability are the cornerstones in Rasmussen Mechanical Services' customer-centered approach to HVAC service. Our factory-trained service professionals and support staff have provided customized preventative, predictive, and proactive solutions to our HVAC customers for decades.

Our seasoned knowledge of the HVAC industry brings the best in engineering and service execution to your facility. Our HVAC Services customers have experienced:

  • HVAC Services Solutions Designed with the Customer, Centered Around Customer Needs
  • Accurately Forecasted Operations and Maintenance Costs
  • Timely and Professional Response to Facility Concerns
  • Effective Communication and the Technical Expertise to Fix the Problem the First Time
  • Improved Asset Reliability and Decreased Energy Consumption

When the solution involves more than a simple repair, our proven project management processes deliver on-time and cost-effective completion of even the most complex solutions.

  • Turn-Key Design Build Projects
  • Performance Contracting
  • Full Engineering Support
  • Dedicated Project Managers Accountable for Exceeding Customer Expectations
  • Responsive, Responsible, Accountable Communication Focused on Loyalty to our Customers
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Boiler Repair

Temperature Controls

Temperature Controls

The Temperature Controls Division of Rasmussen Mechanical Services is a Honeywell Authorized Controls Integrator (ACI), providing our customers with innovative solutions in automated building management. Our veteran controls technicians deliver:

  • Optimum Energy Efficiency
  • Web-Accessible Reporting Dashboards
  • Alarm Monitoring and Notification for Critical Environments
  • Remote Diagnostic and Consultative Services
  • LEED Certified Buildings
  • Lower System Operating Costs

The Rasmussen consultative approach to building automation service (BAS) maximizes the capabilities of the existing BAS assets for the ever-changing demands of facility use. Our outcome-based solutions provide for a complete systems menu of options:

  • Honeywell AX Certified Technicians and Engineers Available for 24/7 Support
  • Software and Hardware System Design and Engineering
  • Device installation, programming, and commissioning
  • Legacy System Support, Including Retro-Commissioning and Retrofits
  • Cost-Effective Remote Systems Diagnostics and Service Dispatch
  • Tridium Certified Contractor
  • Integration of Multiple Manufacturer Components
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Boiler Repair

Air & Water Balancing

Air & Water Balancing

BalCon's Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing Group provides comfortable and efficient operation of air and hydronic systems for new and existing facilities. By establishing and maintaining proper environmental systems operation, BalCon:

  • Maximizes Systems Efficiencies while Minimizing Operating Costs
  • Assures Design Specifications are Met
  • Identifies Possible Design or Construction Deficiencies
  • Troubleshoots and Solves Problem Areas
  • Improves Building Owner Satisfaction

ASHRAE Standard 90.1 and the U.S. Department of Energy have developed standards and requirements for commercial facilities. BalCon can assist you with regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction. Customers can receive pre-construction design review, post-construction commissioning, and a maintenance plan for improved operation

  • Reductions in Energy Consumption
  • Increased Asset Reliability
  • Improved Occupant Health and Comfort
  • Accountable Building Design and Operation
  • Building Temperature Control Verification
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Boiler Repair

Lab Safety

Lab Safety

Certification, Validation, & Repair

For over 15 years, BalCon has been ensuring the safety of people, equipment, and lab environments.

  • Clean Room Validation
  • Decontaminations
  • H.E.P.A. Filter Replacement
  • USP 797 Compounding Compliance
  • NSF Accredited Biosafety Cabinet Certifiers
  • Fume Hood / Laboratory Control Systems
  • ASHRAE 110 Certification
  • BSL-3 Certification

By meeting or exceeding all national standards, BalCon's Lab Safety Group has become the leader in comprehensive testing and certification for fume hoods and biological safety cabinets. Our custom designed programs are the perfect fit and can include worry-free certification, warranty, and on-site repairs for:

  • Biological Safety Cabinets
  • Laminar Flow Work Stations
  • Fume Hoods
  • Aseptic Compounding Isolators
  • H.E.P.A. Filtration Systems
  • Clean Rooms
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Boiler Repair

Reliability Solutions

Reliability Solutions

With Reliability Solutions, BalCon provides unique custom-tailored, customer-centered programs for turning reliability-centered/condition-based maintenance strategies into quantifiable results. Our goal is to assist our clients control costs via the optimum blend of predictive, diagnostic, and scheduled maintenance practices.

  • Maintenance Strategy Development
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Ultrasonic Leak Detection
  • Fluid Analysis
  • Wear Particle Analysis and Ferrography
  • On-Site Training and Personnel Development
  • Consultative Services

Proper analysis parameters and program execution is based on client business metrics, not vendor profits. In order to ensure the highest possible program quality, BalCon proudly promotes ANSI, ASNT, and ISO defined certifications.

  • ISO 18436-2 Vibration Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics Category Certification
  • Training and Certification Complies with ASNT Document SNT-TC-1A
  • Client Specific Reporting and Consultation
  • Annual Financial Value Reports Document Program Justifications
  • Industry-Specific Expertise Connects the Reliability Solution with Your Bottom Line
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Boiler Repair

Parts Department

Parts Department

It All Boils Down To The Right Parts At The... RIGHT TIME

We all know that time is money. When things are down, time is of the essence and Rasmussen Mechanical Services is your single source parts provider.From parts and equipment to portable boilers and chillers, we've got you covered. And if you need sales, service and installation, we're only a phone call away.

Rasmussen Mechanical Services stocks over 10,000 boiler parts and components on hand for the challenges you face to keep things going. From controls, relief valves, gas valves, gaskets, and pumps to gas regulators, safety valves, and pressure regulators Rasmussen's Parts Division is ready to service your needs. So whether you are stocking shelves for your in-house parts supply or you have an emergency, we are here with the inventory and man power to help you face the challenge at hand.

We offer a wide range of brands such as Honeywell, Auto-Flame, Seimens, Superior, Powerflame, Limpsfield, Weishaupt, Fireye, and Topog-e to name a few. We are also North America's Largest Autoflame Tech Center and can assist you when needed.

Rasmussen Mechanical Services maintains a large rental fleet of industrial mechanical equipment. Whether you have a scheduled maintenance or are unexpectedly shut down, Rasmussen can assist your facility with boilers, chillers, deaerators, tanks, pumps, and softeners. We offer enclosed boiler rooms as well as trailer and skid mounted solutions. If you have an unexpected emergency, we are here with 24-hour emergency service to trouble shoot and get you back on line.

  • Steam or Hot Water
  • High or Low Pressure
  • 20 HP - 1500 HP Firetube Boilers On Site
  • 30,000 - 120,000 PPH Watertube Boilers
  • Watertube, Firetube, Vertical Tubeless, and Hot Water Applications Available
  • Factory Trained Technicians
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
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Boiler Repair